I’m So Excited, I Could Wet My Plants!

Hello, world! Between allergies, constant rain, and the “cute little birds” working as your personal alarm clock to wake you up at promptly 4:00 am every morning- it’s hard to remember why I was ever excited for Spring in the first place. But then I remember: GARDENING. Every year when spring rolls around, I find myself thinking about what vegetables I should plan in my garden. Gardening is an excellent way to save money, relieve stress, and most importantly- stay healthy!

It is not uncommon for first time gardeners to find themselves overwhelmed or intimated with the process of growing your own garden. So, below, I have provided a compilation of some tips and suggestions that I feel every first time gardener to know. Happy Planting!


1. Decide what to plant.

  • Maintenance can be overwhelming so it is  best to start small. Consider what/how much your family eats.

2. Determine how much space you need.

  • Gardens need space! Research the different styles of gardens and planting systems.

3. Consider sun!

  • Gardens need sun to grow! Some vegetables flourish in part shade (peas, carrots, onions) and some flourish in full sun (corn, squash).

4. Irrigation.

  • Some vegetables (celery, onions) perform poorly in dry conditions. Be sure to have an accessible irrigation system handy at all times.

5. Don’t overcrowd your vegetables.

  • The #1 mistake made by new gardeners is overcrowding your plants. I know that “the seeds are so tiny and it is so tempting” but you will be doing more harm than good. Give your vegetables room to grow.


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