A Bug A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Hello, world! I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that insects probably aren’ta part of your daily diet. I’m also going to go out on alimb and guess that most of you probably didn’t know that about 80% of the worlds popular still regularly eats over 1,600 species of insects on a daily basis. They do so because believe it or not, insectsare made up of about 91% protein, they are an excellent source of fat, and they contain high amounts of micronutrients such as Vitamin B and Vitamin E.

Still not convinced that eating bugs is the way to go? Check out Little Herds (http://littleherds.org/) website. Little Herds is an Austin-based non-profit organization that works with governments, farmers, entrepreneurs, chefs, businesses, and schools to educate the “remaining 20%” on the many benefits of being a bug eater! Along with promoting the consumption of bugs, they also promote healthy eating and sustainable farming through public events and children’s education.

Be sure to read up on what Little Herds is about over at http://littleherds.org/ and take a peak at their bug-tastic events calendar. YUM!little-herds


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