From Drab to Fab: How To Get Your Kids To Enjoy Healthy Foods

While babysitting this morning, I was tasked with having to make lunch for a sassy little girl. Under strict orders by her dad to “keep it healthy”, I was taken by surprise when I started getting yelled at by a 5 year old that “raisins are gross!” and “peanut butter sandwiches are boring!” Eager to make the yelling stop, I began to brainstorm ways to make healthy foods appealing to little kids. That’s when it hit me…let’s pretty up this plate!

A fun and fab way to get your youngster to eat his/her healthy meal is to make it aesthetically pleasing and fun to look at! Use bright colors, fun shapes (cookie cutters work great!), and arrange the ingredients to make them look like recognizable pictures like a smiley face, flower, or rocket ship! The more creative the meal, the greater variety of foods your youngin’ will eat.


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